30 Years. 230,000 Trees. (and counting!)  
Forest ReLeaf is dedicated to planting and growing a resilient tree canopy across Missouri, to support healthy people, healthy habitats, and a healthy planet. We connect, educate, and empower individuals and communities. We champion the value of trees.
We need trees -- For the air we breathe, the water we use, and the wildlife we love. Trees benefit the greater good in ways that most of us don’t think of. At Forest ReLeaf, we believe that the countless benefits of trees are worth finding creative solutions. That’s why we work with community groups, individuals, municipal governments, under-resourced communities and non-profits in order to steward the expansion of native tree growth across Missouri.

We don’t just plant trees randomly
We strategically plan for well-adapted, ecologically appropriate trees in the right places to support thriving, biodiverse forest systems across our urban and wildlands. The passion of our volunteers and partners will change the narrative of our future. We leverage the power of people and partnerships, to enhance our healthy forests and connect with nature.

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri’s mission is to enrich communities by growing and planting trees through the power of people and partnerships. This effort supports our vision of a more resilient tree canopy in Missouri’s communities that supports healthy people, healthy habitats and a healthy planet.

Address:   4168 Juniata St, Suite 1, St. Louis, MO 63116
Email:  info@moreleaf.org
Contact:   Rebecca Hankins
Phone:  (314) 533-5323   FAX: 


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