Little Orchards. Big Impact.  
The Giving Grove’s mission is to provide healthy calories, strengthen community, and improve the urban environment through a nationwide network of sustainable little orchards. Our work -- The Giving Grove supports neighborhood volunteers in planting and caring for fruit trees, nut trees, and berry brambles that improve the urban environment, increase tree canopy and provide a sustainable source of free, organically-grown food for neighborhoods facing high rates of food insecurity.

Our impact -- Our Community
The Giving Grove network has more than 500 orchards across the U.S. with the potential to grow over 4 million servings of free, fresh food annually while re-invigorating urban green spaces from coast to coast. Giving Grove orchards become a gathering place where neighbor meets neighbor, allowing the community to grow alongside the trees and brambles. Want to see it for yourself? Tap the image!

Where to find us -- The Giving Grove network has orchards from coast to coast, providing free, nutritious fruits, nuts, & berries in Atlanta, Auburn, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Louisville, Memphis, Omaha, Pittsburgh, South Bend, St. Louis & Seattle.

Address:   300 E. 39th St. Kansas City, MO 64111
Contact:   Matt Bunch, Horticulturist
Phone:  (816) 226-6380   FAX: 


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